Video Portfolio

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video is worth a million!  It’s our hope these videos help prospective clients visualize our approach to tree removal.  Shot in time-lapse, these videos highlight our work by condensing hours of work down to just a few minutes of video.

Please turn your YouTube quality setting to HD.

Tall cottonwood tree removal – between 2 houses.

Crane assitsed dead elm tree removal – over house and up steep hill.

Silver maple crane assisted tree removal – over house and utility lines.

Large diseased elm crane assisted tree removal – from start to finish including stump grinding and clean up.

Black cherry tree removal – rigging to lower all branches.

Hugh cottonwood crane assisted tree removal – over house, garage, pool and landscape

Dead elm and damaged maple crane assisted tree removal – avoiding damage to lawn by using  crane to remove trees.

Split elm crane assisted tree removal.  This elm split near the base in high winds.

Crown cleaning large oak, pruning deadwood and weak branches – proper spikeless pruning.

Silver maple tree trimming – trimming to clean house and low branches.