Elm Tree Removal, Farmington Hills, MI

I was called to look at this siberian elm after the homeowner noticed a large split at the base of the tree. In this case, the split was severe and warranted removal of the tree as soon as possible. I proposed to remove this tree with the assistance of a crane for several reasons:

Safety – The tree had a severe split at the base. Rigging the tree down conventionally off itself would put extra stress on this split, putting the climber and property at risk.

Efficiency – With the help of the crane, the tree was removed and cleaned up in 5 hours. Removing this tree conventionally would have taken much longer and cost the homeowner more money.

In conclusion, this tree removal was made more safe, efficient, and cost effective by utilizing the crane. The homeowner chose us to remove the tree because, in his words, “You had a plan and shared it with me at the time of the estimate. The other guy didn’t say how he would remove the tree and he quoted a higher price.”

Below is a time-lapse video of this crane assisted tree removal.
Video available in HD, please change YouTube video quality setting.