Cottonwood Tree Removal, Farmington Hills, MI

We were contracted to remove 2 cottonwood trees from the side-yard of a Farmington Hills home. Because the trees were very close to the house, a new cedar fence, and utility lines, we decided the safest, most efficient and cost affective way to remove these trees was with the assistance of a 28-ton crane. The crane assists in the removal process by lifting large tree parts out of the yard and setting them in the driveway for processing. This keeps any impact on the surrounds lawn and landscape to a minimum. Conventionally, this job would have taken a couple of days, we completed the work in a matter of hours. Our knowledge, skills, efficiency and equipment allow us to provide our customers with tremendous value for their money.  Here is what the client had to say about our tree removal service:

“Evan Burger removed two enormous cottonwood trees at a very competitive price! The trees were in a confined space, so he had to remove several panels of a newly installed cedar fence and maneuver the crane up a hill and through my flower garden. The work was completed in a timely manner without leaving a single mark on my lawn or garden. This was truly amazing! Evan and his crew were impeccable and I highly recommend them.”

Below is a time-lapse video of the tree removal process. We also grind out the stumps and haul away the stump grindings the same day! Most of our competition sub-out stump grinding to another service, making you wait days or weeks before the job is completed. Oh, and don’t forget about the huge mound of stump grindings left in your yard, the sub contractor won’t be taking those with him!

Farmington Hills Cottonwood Tree Removal