Large Tree Removal Farmington, MI

We were called to a home in Farmington, MI to remove a Siberian elm tree.  Its roots were lifting up the front porch decking, and the trunk was crushing the front gutter.  Siberian elm trees grow very fast and are considered an invasive species.  This tree was growing so fast its limbs grew all the way from the front of the house, over the roof, and hung over the back patio.  Its trunk grew big enough to make contact with the gutter on the front of the house and then started compressing the gutter into the house.  We were able to remove this tree safely and efficiently with our 26-ton crane.  We were even able to save a Japanese maple less the a few feet away from the trunk of the Siberian elm we were removing  Our team then ground out the stump, demoed the raised section of the porch, and ground out the roots under the porch.  The area under the porch and around the stump were then leveled out in preparation for carpenters to install the new section of porch.  Below is a photo gallery highlighting the tree removal process.